Friday, October 16, 2015

Speech II

For my second speech the things I had to do to prepare was, getting information from my town, learning how to use a prompter and learn how to write a formal speech.
When we first got our topic for the type of speech we had to do I was kind of at a blank for what to do it on. I was thinking of budgets and parks but those didn't really appeal to me as something I would truly be interested in. When I was on Facebook I came across yet another Sachem East Student who passed away from a Heroin overdose. It struck me then that I should do my speech on that on-going problem that is so close to me.
When I finished writing my speech, which didn't take to long because I was emotionally connected to it, I had to learn how to do it on the prompter. This was not very easy for me. I already have a difficult time making eye-contact to people while I am up there so I knew that reading my speech word-for-word off a computer that was placed in a difficult spot would throw me off a little bit. After I did my speech I was kind of confident. I felt that I sounded better and went slower in pace once I got up there. I had some trouble with the prompter, but it didn't really effect my nervousness as I kept going.
 Once I got my evaluations back I was kind of disappointed, I knew that I didn't make eye contact or engage with the audience as much as I should've but I did feel like my speech meant something to me. I think that one of the evaluations I got from one of my classmates was kind of mean and made me loose confidence rather than guide me in a positive way. Ignoring that one, the others evaluations I got made me realize the things I really need to work on and try to get past my anxiety so I can demonstrate myself as a "natural" speech-giver.

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