Sunday, November 15, 2015

Speech III

For my third speech I had to portray myself as someone who did not believe in the use of aborted fetus tissue in stem cell research. This particular speech topic was a controversial one so my preparing method was much different than my first two speeches. To prepare myself for this speech I had to do a lot of research on the facts of stem cell research. I am not one who is particularly opposed to the use of this research so it was specifically hard for me to go around the facts and find ways to make myself seem true to myself and the topic. The assumptions I made about the audience was that they were all on board with the use of stem cell research. With my argument I was trying to persuade people in my classroom that already agreed with the topic. The assumptions some classmates made was that when I was talking about being against stem cell research using aborted fetus tissue they viewed it as me being against the use of stem cell research in general, which was not the debate in my presentation. Some of the feedback I got was using church references in my speech. When I went into doing this presentation I was thinking, conservative republican, I feel that there were many times when people brought religion into politics and while I don't view this as a right thing to do, I was trying to channel somebody that would be truly against this. Another feedback point I got, which looking back now I do agree with, was too much content on my slide show. I was nervous about forgetting speech points so I did put a lot up. In all, I really felt that I did much better in this speech than I did in my others. I felt extremely confident and calm while I was up there and made eye contact which is something that I was never really able to do. With that said, there are always area's that I could to better in, but I like seeing improvements in myself after every speech!